America, deterring the Houthis, and straining its relationship with Iran

America, deterring the Houthis, and straining its relationship with Iran
America, deterring the Houthis, and straining its relationship with Iran
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Howaida Awad Ahmed
A growing escalation throughout the entire region, created by America to implement its grand plan with Israel and impose power and control on all parties to the game.
It may seem at first glance that the administration of US President Joe Biden is adopting a more arbitrary policy in managing the Iranian file after an attack on the American base in northeastern Jordan on January 28, 2024, by Iran. Then America responded with a counterattack by armed militias in both Iraq and Syria. February 2 of the current year, resulting in the killing of 40 people, including 23 in Syria and 17 in Iraq. Abbas Al-Baldawi, known as Abu Al-Hassan Al-Baldawi, was the Emir of the Third Armor Battalion in the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq.
On the other hand, the attacks began with Britain’s assistance in successive attacks on the Houthis in Yemen in response to the Houthi attacks that they launched against ships passing in the Red Sea on January 12 of this year, and they are still continuing until now.
It has become clear to everyone that America and its allies, Britain and Israel, are systematically expanding the scope of attacks
According to statements by American officials.
As if the Al-Aqsa flood and the attacks were from the Al-Qassam Brigades
Inside Gaza on October 7 last year is their pretext for igniting the entire region and turning it into a regional conflict that gradually disintegrates countries.
It seems that America and its allies are sending an implicit message to everyone that their bases in the region are a red line, otherwise war will ignite everywhere.
The United States of America targeted sites belonging to the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, but it did not result in any deaths or injuries because Iran took extreme measures to protect their cadres and predicted a plan run by the Americans. Which made the American interior and Congress angry, because it did not teach Iran the lesson harshly.
Or perhaps America intended not to inflict human casualties
In order to eliminate the frightening deterrence from Iran and enter into a spiral of escalation and counter-escalation, which America does not intend to do at the present time, it may adopt this at a later time after exhausting patience.
National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan refused to rule out the idea of launching military strikes deep inside Iran, but rather made it an option and possible if Iran did not control its militias in Iraq, Jordan, and Yemen to stop targeting the American bases deployed in the region.
The strange thing is that America stopped the escalation against Iran in the nuclear file, perhaps because of the preoccupation of both parties with the Israeli war in the Gaza Strip, or because of the seriousness of what Tehran has achieved in terms of uranium enrichment, which exceeded expectations to more than 4,486.8.
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What is striking is that when Iran launched the new satellite, Thuraya, into space on January 20, we did not see any comment from America, which strongly rejected Iran’s use of ballistic missiles in the launch process.
Knowing that Iran directed sharp criticism from Britain, France and Germany, and the American administration did not pay attention to the matter.
Therefore, the vision is clear that there are undeclared agreements and pledges to keep the escalation within a specific framework that the two parties do not deviate from in an open manner, especially in the nuclear file and the Israeli war on Gaza.
Raphael Grossi, Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, announced that Iran has slowed down uranium enrichment by 60%, which is the percentage required to produce a nuclear bomb.
This coincides with the approaching date of the US presidential elections next November, with President Biden’s desire to renew his presidential term.
He is afraid that he will face a strong competitor, despite the success of former President Donald Trump and his leadership of the Republican Party.
Therefore, it is necessary to calm things down with Iran and limit the escalation now until the elections pass and some of Iran’s directions are passed until it is resolved.
On the other hand, Iran's militias see the time as completely appropriate to strike American interests, similar to the Houthis in Yemen. At the same time, Iran disavows the militias and claims that these militias are adopting their plan alone and that they are not responsible for their attacks, in order to distance themselves from the conflict and clash with the United States of America and its administrations publicly.
It is making understandings and deals while waiting for the winner in the upcoming elections, Trump or Biden
The militias remain the winning card to intimidate the American monster and its aides and threaten American bases and interests, whether one wins or that one loses.