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Dr. "Osama Salah" highlights the health impact of being overweight

Dr. "Osama Salah" highlights the health impact of being overweight
Dr. "Osama Salah" highlights the health impact of being overweight
Dr. "Osama Salah" highlights the health impact of being overweight
Dialogue: Marwa Galy Hassan
Women suffer from obesity or overweight, which affects not only the aesthetic aspect, but also affects the health and psychological conditions, and although maintaining the consistency of the body and enjoying health and fitness is the dream of many women, this dream may be difficult to achieve for many reasons, including the lack of Knowing how to follow proper diets, and when do women turn to a nutritionist? What is the difference between him and an obesity doctor? And what are the harms and risks related to being over or underweight? That is why the “Voice of My Country in America” newspaper conducted an interview with Dr. Osama Salah, a specialist in therapeutic nutrition and body sculpting, to clarify many information related to diets and the problems of obesity and thinness,
In order to answer some questions related to his field of specialization and advice for women to maintain their agility, to more
What is the most successful way to fight obesity and maintain weight, and how can weight be stabilized after following a diet?
Following a diet as a continuous and permanent habit, such as brushing the teeth daily after eating and exercising, and in this way we ensure slimming and weight loss, as well as weight stabilization in an ideal manner.
_ Weight gain has levels as far as I know. Will obesity lead to skin flabbiness if its owner practices a diet?
People who weigh more than 150 kg in the case of slimming work. If this is done in a healthy way or in an acceptable time, they will not have sagging skin. If a person tries to lose weight 10 kg, for example, in two days, he will definitely have flabbiness. The best way to lose weight is to lose 10% of weight during A whole month in this case will not occur sagging.
_ What are the most important types of sports that you recommend to maintain a healthy body?
The best types of sports are cardio or iron exercises for small weights. The person with the ideal weight goes to the gym twice a week and does iron exercises, but heavy weights are not preferred for them because it may cause them problems and injuries in the spine, so they prefer walking.
_ What do you think of the sugar-free products in the market such as "soft drinks, chocolates, sweets..."?
Sugar-free products are considered harmless, provided that they are not consumed in excess. It is preferable to eat them two or three times a week at most, because too much of them may cause serious damage, in accordance with the principle that if something exceeds its limits, it will turn against it.
_ Satellite channels are filled with huge amounts of advertisements for magical slimming products for which viewers pay hundreds of pounds and write on the product authorized by the Ministry of Health. What is your comment?
I say to those who want to lose weight to completely stay away from these products, a certain diet must be made under the supervision of a specialized doctor.
Do dieting regimens differ from person to person?
Yes, it differs from one person to another depending on many things, including the state of health. An anemic patient, for example, practices a diet other than a healthy person, as well as a patient with pressure and diabetes. The diet also varies according to the environment in which the person lives, whether he lives in the countryside or the city, and it varies according to the social, cultural and educational level.
- Many people do not know what is the difference between a therapeutic nutritionist and a thinness and obesity doctor?
Therapeutic nutritionist is a doctor specializing in the field of nutrition and graduated from a medical college, meaning he has a medical certificate accredited from a place recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and has sufficient knowledge of a cancer patient, for example, or anemia, and so on. As for the obese and underweight doctor, he is not a doctor at all and he derives his information based on social media .
- How are meals organized healthily throughout the day?
It is better for a person to eat five meals a day, and the more meals are divided according to the body's needs, the better the burning processes. It is better to eat light meals every three hours, and vegetables and fruits are introduced between meals.
Is there a particular category in which obesity is greater?
The groups in which the percentage of obesity increases significantly in popular places and the countryside, due to the diet followed by them, most of them eat depending on large amounts of obesity, oils, pasta and starches. The percentage of obesity increases among women more than men because women go through three different stages, which are after childbirth, menopause and marriage
Especially after old age.
- What do you think about the spread of liposuction and gastric sleeve operations for overweight people?
 We are not against these operations, but they are not necessarily the best solution in all cases. For example, a person who tried many times to lose weight through dieting, but failed in this case, such operations are inevitable.
What do you think about the spread of sugar-free soft drinks?
Sugar-free soft drinks can be used instead of regular soft drinks that contain sugar, and over time we can reduce our use of products in small quantities.
- Recently, many diet regimes have appeared, including the vegetarian diet without eating meat. What do you think of it?
The best diet is a balanced one that contains carbohydrates, protein, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, healthy oils, and any other diet that I do not like and do not like, all nutrients must be available in any diet regime.
Is obesity and thinness linked to genetics?
Obesity and thinness have a very large genetic aspect. If my family history has a problem with obesity, in a large percentage, I can inherit that the number of fat cells is large, as it is like the genetic baldness gene or the eye color gene.
- How can a mother save her obese child if she notices his illness immediately after birth?
 The mother can follow up her son from the age of 6 with a doctor who specializes in child nutrition starting from the age of 6, and it is preferable that we keep the children away from severe deprivation and we must take into account the child’s psychology. Chipsy
Or biscuits or chocolate, because these foods are harmful to health. If she returns home, he eats healthy food. All her children will be without obesity, and her husband will be without obesity, and she will also be the mother without obesity at all.
Why do women worry when they hear the word diet?
A woman is always worried when she hears the word “diet” for fear of failure because she has tried more than one diet once x two x three and every time her attempts fail, she gets annoyed when she hears the word “I will do a diet,” so the person must know that he has a problem, so he must face it, how he goes to a specialized doctor to treat it This means that he has a problem and has begun to solve the problem. A woman does not worry about the word diet, and because eating is sweet, a woman must have better health, and she must be agile, and preserve her home and her husband and children because obesity at the present time leads to a large percentage of divorce, whether a woman raises a divorce Or whether his men divorce her wives, so she will be the cause of the ruin of homes.
How does a girl maintain her weight in the winter?
 For the winter season, all people must drink fluids to make the gym feel full, because the body gets hungry a lot during the winter period because it burns more fat. Hunger If you feel hungry, drink water, then the hunger will automatically end.
What are the foods that provide the body with energy and do not gain weight?
Vegetables in large quantities and fruits in reasonable quantities because they are the best of the two needs. Their calories are acceptable, so they provide the body with energy without providing weight, and then protein because it is always protein.
It goes to the muscles, and its time will be easier than burning carbohydrates, but as for carbohydrates and oils, of course it takes a very large amount of time in their bones because they are stored in the form of fats, so the best sources are proteins, vegetables and fruits.
Are there drinks that help burn fat?
 There are no drinks that help burn fat, all herbs, green tea, lemon, cinnamon and ginger, even all medicines do not help burn fat, because what helps burn fat is that I make a diet and help it with exercise, a kilo or 2 kilos per month if I exercise constantly, but when Burning fat, I need to do a diet
What is the best time to exercise?
Sport is allowed to do it at any time, because there is no normal time and no less time, but it is preferable that I do not exercise immediately after eating because the food is not digested, so I can exercise before eating or I can exercise two or three hours after eating.
_ How is fat burned and eliminated significantly?
Burning fat is done by following a diet with a specialized doctor, and if I go through a health problem, then I take the treatment to solve the health problem, so I start to lose fat and burn fat, and the body gets rid of it in the form of body energy, which it burns, so it works with it on the various parts of the body, and the body prefers to be alive.
_ How do we overcome the problems of acidity, stomach and digestive system?
By keeping away from eating foundries, oils and fats, and by reducing the intake of starches, and by eating healthy food that is completely free of fats and oils, so the weight will go down, even if I have problems in the colon.